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. president obama arrived in tokyo overnight, the first stop on a four-nation tour of asia. the president will tackle huge economic and security issues during his trip. >> but he hasn't left the car in afghanistan behind. abc's yunji de nies is traveling with the president. and joins us this morning from tokyo. good morning, yunji. >> reporter: good morning, jeremy and vinita. the president has a lot to talk about. but his main mission on this visit is diplomacy. on his first visit to the regi as president, the white house says he's really here to strengthen relationships. president obama touched down in too, kicking off a week-long, asian tour. where he'll visit four countries and meet with a bevy of world leaders. mr. obama's agenda is broad. international economy, climate change, global security, and the war in afghanistan. while there's plenty to talk about, unlike past presidential trips, there's no concrete agreements expected out of his tour. on his way here, the president stopped in alaska to mt with troops. mr. obama is not expected to announce whether he will send more american
morning. president obama is winding down his ten-day trip to asia with an historic visit to china. mr. obama has met with chinese president hu for talk. >> two leaders were in agreement on key issues, and our correspondent joins us from beijing. >> reporter: good morning, this is arguably the most important stop on the president's visit so he is spending quite a bit of time on the ground here in china. he said relations between the u.s. and china have never been more important, so he's working hard to strengthen that relationship. president obama played tourist today, taking in some of beijing's signature sights at e forbidden city. his r&r comes hours after closed door talks with communist leaders, including more than five hours with president hu. >> a strong u.s./china partnership and dialogue is important not only for the well-being and prosperity of our two nations but also of the world. >> reporter: much of their discussions have centered on the economy. china is america's biggest creditor with $800 billion in u.s. treasury bonds. >> so far, china's partnership has proved critica
? the obama state dinner was a hot ticket. >> cheers. >> reporter: so hot, that two reality tv stars apparently crashed the party. the socialites from the show "the real housewives of washington" were announced. but the white house says they were not invited, marking what appears to be the first time in modern history anyone has crashed a state dinner. photos published on their facebook page show the couple with high-profile guests, like vice president joe biden and chief of staff, rahm emanuel. the secret service is looking how the couple got past security. one official said, these individuals went through magnetometers. they reportedly left before seated for dinner. lying to the secret service could bring a felony charge. it didn't clear how close the salahi's got to the president or the first lady. they were clear to be at the dinner. and they went through five security check points. we'll have much more on this story later on "good morning america." >>> when president obama makes his case for more u.s. troops to afghanistan next week, he'll be doing so from the military academy a
>>> making news in america this morning. >> preside obama wraps up his trip to china and heads on to korea where a whole new series of issues await. >>> government site meant to track stimulus raises anger on capitol hill. >>> it's wednesday, november 18th, 2009. >>> good morning. thanks for being with us. president obama has wrapped up his visit to shy by inviting hu to visit the zblus the president heads off to confront new challenges in korea. >> reporter: president obama enjoyed a final test of china as he wrapped up three days of meeting with communist leaders. the president's discussions have been wide ranging, climate change, north korea nuclear issues, human rights and the economy. >> a relationship that used to be focused just on economic and trade issues is now expanding to deal with a whole hosts of global issues in which the u.s. cop operates. >> reporter: the president now heads to south korea. the fourth and final country where demonstrators are awaiting his arrival. these are the first protesters that he's encountered on the trip. >> translator: i cannot repress
obama called the new health care reform bill a critical milestone. >> tonight begins the last journey we have been on. >> reporter: they claim it will cut the deficit by 127 billion over that period. while ensewering coverage for 94% of americans. >> it's simple sign. it's like this -- it's victory and that's what we're going to have with health care. >> reporter: reid gathered democrats to discuss the bill. >> we're going to get it over the finish line because failure is not an option. >> reporter: health care reform dead on arrival that declared. >> will bankrupt this country. >> reporter: asked how he squared a promise to strengthen medicare with cutting the program, reid was philosophically. >> you get rid of that, it strengthens the program. >> reporter: it includes an optional public health care plan allowing states to opt out. it's paid for a medicare payroll tax on those enearning over $250,000 and those on pricey health care plans. >>> after the president's trip, the president left south korea with part of his agenda accomplished. while he made headway on north korea nuclear wea
: what do we these contests say after electing president obama to the white house? >> if president -- if the demomoats lose all three of those races. >> reporter: the white house is down playing the election's outcomes. the president inherered daunting challelees. >> we have spent a decent amount ofof time talking about one her in afghanistan. we e leaded to an either bigger one. >>> virginia hurtado live in washington, thanks. >>> our election coverage continues on "good morning america." when al gore weighs in on the challenges ahead for the obama white house. >>> a developing story this morning from north korea, it announced it has enough plutonium to make one nucucar bomb. thisay be an attempt to force the u.s. into direction talks with the north. >>> fresh off his re-election victory president hamid karzai is reaching out. we have more on what president karzai has to say. >> reporter: good morning. one day after being declared defacto winner of the election, president karzai made his victory speech. a victory marred by allegations of voter fraud. karzai acknowledged the damage
16th, 2009. >>> good morning and thanks for being with us on this monday. >>> president obama has started his first ever visit to china. we have a bit of american political theater. >> he took questions in the town hall meeting and ann compton has the latest. good morning, ann. >> reporter: good morning. you know, the president who was elected in part because of his reach out to the internet came here to china where they tend to block some sites but they still let him hold an internet town hall meeting. president obama wanted to make a point beginning this three-day visit not with the political leaders in beijing, but with china's next generation. >> good afternoon. >> reporter: 400 university students in shanghai offered questions in person and on the internet. in a country where the government blocks social networks like twitter, the u.s. ambassador made sure president obama got a chance to say the free flow of information makes a country stronger. >> because then citizens of countries around the world can hold their own governments accountable. they can begin to think for thems
of that country's opposition presidential candidate. president obama h h been counting on a clean election in afghanistan as he weighs sending 40,000 more u.s. troops there.e. but hopes for a legitimate process are now all but lost after president hamid karzai's main challenger dropped out of the race. here's david kerley. >> reporter: they will all feel the effect. the more than 100,000 allied troops, the afghan people, of this man's decision to quit next weekend's presidential runoff. >> i will not participate in the november 7th elections. >> reporter:r:bdullah abdullah's exit from the presidential race hands victory to the incumbent, president hamid karzai, a victory that is tainted by massive fraud in the first election back in august. still, abdullah urged his followers to remain calm. >> so that's the call for myself, not to go to the reets, no demonstrations. >> reporter: presisint karzai is set to rule the war-torn nation for another five years partnering with the u.s. amidst accusations he is ineffective and corrupt. >> i think it's time for us to stop beating up on president kar
be in contact with extremists. , tremists. he will insist on answ president obama told abc news, se will insist on answers. >> we're going to complete this nvestigation. wh thawe are going to take whatever steps are necessary, to make sure that something like this doesn't happen again. >> reporter: since the shootings last thursday, security measures ave been tightened. army officials have closed the largely, aspublic. >> right now, we have elevated security measures, largely, as a means of reassurance to the e the tion. threat, as we continue to examine the threat, we will keep appropriate security medses in place. >> reporter: the commanding general at ft. hood, said about 600 soldiers, first responders and civilians, were directly affected by last week's massacre. to play the memorial service is expected to play a significant role in moving toward healing. some >> it brings out the high orale. knocks something like this, it just knocks everybody down. and somebody important like the president coming it's like, okay. i feel very good. >> to el good now. i feel very good. >> ihink tomorrow is
chosen the gop candidate as their next governor. >> president obama had campaigned for the democrats in both races. viviana hurtado is joining us from washington for what those results might mean for the white house. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, vinita and jeremy. political analysts say the results are not a referendum on the president but on the state of the economy. republicans will be moving into the governor's office both new jersey and virginia. >> tonight you have hired me. thank you. >> reporter: bob mcdonnell beat creigh deeds in virginia. chris christie ousted incumbent jon corzine in new jersey. >> we know the challenges we face and over the next four years we'll have our work cut out for us. >> reporter: these states helped the president take the white house last year. the gop says the defeat of democratic candidates is a referendum on mr. obama, but exit polls suggest otherwise. in virginia and new jersey about half of voters approved of the president's handling of his job and most say he was not a factor in their votes. the fault line was the weak economy. a
>>> making news in america this morning -- >> washington gets dressed up for the obama's first state dinner. stars from hollywood and baliwood. and special menus for the guest of honor. >>> flying sick. why dprs expect a resurgence of swine flu. >>> and last dancer. a surprise win on "dancing with the stars." see who had the best moves on this wednesday, november 25th, 2009. >>> good morning. and thanks for being with us. well, it was the hottest ticket in washington last night. the first state dinner of the obama administration. the dinner honoring india's prime minister had plenty of traditional prompt and protocol. but the obamas spiced things up with the guest list and the menu. viviana hurtado has more on the star-spangled night. >> reporter: good morning, jeremy and vinita. the white house wanted everything, the menu, the colors, the entertainment to be the best of the u.s. and india. the president and first lady greeted their most important guest, the prime minister of india and his wife, at their first state dinner. the toast began hindi. then, with lifted glasses, bot
morning. and thanks for being with us. abc news learned overnight that president obama will announce his decision on whether to send more troops to afghanistan in a matter of days. >> that came after a final meeting of his war council in a rare, evening meeting in the situation room. here's our martha raddatz. >> reporter: since the end of august, the president has met week after week, to explore details of a plan that officials tell abc news will likely call for between 30,000 to 40,000 additional u.s. troops. and several thousand nato troops on top of that. >> this is the most thorough, the most sustained, the most thoughtful process i have ever seen. >> reporter: but funding the troops may now pose an even bigger problem. the powerful chairman of the house appropriations committee warns that sending more troops could doom the president's domestic initiatives. >> it wille no money for nothing, if we poor it all into afghanistan. >> reporter: it is estimated that each additional 1,000 troops would cost $1 billion per year. congressman obey told abc's jon karl, that if the president asks
from washington, thanks. >>> as president obama begins to leave for asia, he leaves without making a decision about troops to afghanistan. after a war council meeting yesterday, mr. obama still has questions about how and when u.s. troops could turn responsibility over to the afghan government. the commander in chief also got adse from former secretary of state colin powell. >> this is a very difficult one for him. and it isn't just a one-time decision. this is a decision that will have consequences for the better part of his administration. so, mr. president, don't get pushed by the left to do nothing. and don't get pushed by the right to do everything. you take your time and you figure it out. you're the commander in chief. and this is what you're elected for. >> the u.s. ambassador in afghanistan, a former army general, is said to be strongly against a troop surge. >>> the investigation into the ft. hood rampage is raising new concerns about the lack of coordination among america's intelligence agencies. when the suspect, major nidal hasan, bought a gun in texas last summer, the
and west germany and came down 20 years ago today. >>> president obama tries to get middle east peace back on track during a meeting this evening with israeli prime minister netanyahu. relations between the two countries have been strained since israel refused to a u.s. demand to stop building west bank settlements. >>> subways and buses are rolling again in philadelphia and its suburbs. a nearly week-long transit strike ended overnight. >>> and it is officially barack obama day in central alabama. perry county is marking one year since the election of barack obama as the nation's first black president. in addition to a parade there government offices are closed and county employees get a paid holiday. >>> for some of you your local news is next. >>> for everyone else, "america this morning" continues after this. - once, during a difficult time in my life, my mom gave me some advice. to love, to hope, to the world. those words changed my life and inspired my open hearts collection at kay jewelers. kay was the perfect choice to help me and eternal. you were right, mom. keep your heart open,
toward president obama's goal of health care reform. the vote now moves the debate from committee to the senate floor. >> the important thing is that we debate it, that there be a free flow of amendments, that some will pass, some will fall. >> reporter: there were two democrats and an independent who voted to start the debate but won't support a final bill unless it addresses their concerns. >> my vote today should in no way be construed as an indication of how i might vote. >> let me be perfectly clear, i am opposed to a new government administered health care plan as a part of comprehensive health care reform. >> it won't force one insurance company to give it to someone with a pre-existing condition or lower the cost. >> reporter: the dispute among democrats will likely lead to a heated floor debate next month on legislation that would extend health care to 31 million americans. republicans have made it clear they will not support the current bill. >> i think this bill is a disaster for our country. president obama said it would not add to the deficit. it will. president obama
. >> reporter: at the white house, president obama made a surprise visit to the press room. in an attempt to highlight the medical association and aarp support of the house proposal. >> they are endorsing this bill because they know it will strengthen health care. >> reporter: outside, protesters climbed out of buses, ensuring the vocal battle that could last until this weekend's house vote and beyond. linsey davis, abc news, new york. >>> a baby in florida is safe and sound this morning, nearly a week after she was reported missing. now, her mother and babysitter are under arrest. police found 7-month-old shannon diedrich in a box under her babysitter's dead. police say the mother gave the baby to is sitter on saturday. and reported her missing later. >>> chesley sullenberger has a new honor. he's been named grand marshal of the tournament of roses parade, set for new year's day in pasadena, california. >>> time, now, for sports. king james takes on the bulls. and playing dirty during a woman's sacker game. here's ducis, rogers. >> good morning. lebron james and the cavs hosting the chic
's stampede. >>> the secret service says president obama was never in any danger from the party crashing couple that slipped past checkpoints at tuesday's state dinner. still, the agency admits it made an enormous security blunder. yunji de nies has this. >> reporter: in this night glitz and glamour, they seemed to blend right in. smiling with the vice president. the white house chief of staff. even abc's own robin roberts. >> she wasorking that tent. boy, was she working that tent. >> reporter: but the couple was not supposed to be here. their names not on the official white house guest list. the secret service said they identified a checkpoint, which did not follow proper procedures. but many guests had to pass through, not one, but two checkpoints. >> you first have to show i.d. to enter the gates of the white house. then, bere you could get into the white house, you, again, had to show i.d. and they, again, went through a long list. >> reporter: guests entered at the white house gate. then, another line, and a second checkpoint with the same process. they then moved on through metal
. >> sonia gallego in london. thank you. >>> president obama will lead the nation in honoring the nation's veterans today, just one day after his tribute to the military victims of the ft. hood shootings. viviana hurtado has that story from washington. >> reporter: good morning, jeremy. veterans day celebrations around the country, is being tempered by t shooting rampage at ft. hood. ahead of veterans day, nearly 300 soldiers who served in iraq arrived in ft. hood last night, to a military base transformed by tragedy. >> sergeant henes. staff sergeant krueger. >> once you heard those names and nobody call out here, you realized even more so, that they're not here anymore. >> reporter: thousands of troops, including many injured in last week's shooting rampage, mourned the deaths of 13 soldiers, allegedly by major nidal hasan, one of their own. the president honored the fallen and offered comfort to their loved ones. >> we say good-bye to those who now belong to eternity. we press ahead in pursuit of the peace that guided their service. >> reporter: in san francisco this weekend, an early
president obama will go to capitol hill tomorrow, after house democrats announced they'll try to vote on a health care bill this weekend. the aarp and labor unions are also mobilizing support. >>> it is another world series win for the new york yankees. >> to the second baseman cano. the national league champions. >> reporter: >> the hero of the game, hideki matsui, who knocked in six runs. that ties a world series record. although it is the 27th title for the yankee, it is the first in their new stadium. and the first champagne shower in the new locker room. while the players celebrated in the stadium, hundreds of fans poured on to the streets. they manned times square. it has been nine years since new york's last baseball championship. but fans say this is the beginning of a new era. >> we have the players. we have the sxims we have the fans right here. we have everything. we won this world series. >> and the great thing is, this is only the beginning of the decade because we have a dynasty coming. >> the celebrations will continue through the rest of the week, of course, with a tic
emotional in the election of the city's own barack obama. >> we did this. america did this. barack's victory is america's victory. >> reporter: a statement from oprah's production company hints her career isn't over. saying, together we plan to make history in the next 20 months and beyond. what exactly she'll be doing only oprah and her production company know. john hendren, abc news. >>> oprah's official announcement is still hours away. but already, people across the country are reacting to the news. from her millions of fans to the mayor of the city, so associated with her show. >> i think she was the most successful woman that we will ever know in the history of this country. >> she's going to do bigger and better things. i look forward to seeing her in the future, doing bigger and better things. >> i know she will do something better. >> i don't believe it. maybe because i don't want to believe it. i think it will be such a great loss. >> now, oprah has talked about ending the show before. her show has not only made her a billionaire, but it has made millions for many other businesses.
that is have american trainers here, have more soldiers here and we'll hear president obama talk about that training aspect of the additional troop surge tomorrow night. >> all right, nick schifrin live in kabul. thanks so much, nick. abc news will broadcast the president's speech live from west point tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. eastern. >>> roman polanski is expected to be released from a swiss jail as soon as today. the filmmaker will be under house arrest while he waits to find out whether a court will order him back to the u.s. to stand trielt. the zis court ruled that he could be freed on $4.5 million bail. >>> police in south florida say a man suspected of killing four family members on thanksgiving may be in the detroit area. they say paul merhige shot and killed his aunt, his twin sisters and a 6-year-old cousin. investigators hope the $10,000 reward posted by the u.s. marshals' office will help catch him. >>> over the weekend the secret service interviewed the washington couple who attended last week's state dinner uninvited. the error may have been the white house's. one pers
Search Results 0 to 39 of about 40 (some duplicates have been removed)